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Aubergine/brinjal/eggplant in goan green masala curry

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Aubergine in green masala is a delicious curry with prawns and potatoes.The curry is made with ground paste of some spices, fresh coriander leaves with few leaves of fresh mint, tamarind to give a tangy taste and the unique feature is the onion which is roasted on direct flame blended to form this delicious looking curry.

Aubergine in green masala curry


👉1 big brinjal/aubergine

👉2 medium potatoes

👉10 medium prawns

👉1 medium finely chopped onion

👉1 medium finely chopped tomato

👉2 tbsp oil

👉salt to taste

Grind to paste:

👉1/4 bunch of coriander leaves

👉4 to 5 mint leaves

👉3 green chiillies

👉1/2 size of lime tamarind

👉1/2 tsp cumin seeds

👉1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds

👉1/2 inch cinnamon

👉5 cloves

👉1/2 tsp turmeric powder

👉10 black peppercorns

👉1/2 inch ginger

👉3 cloves of garlic

👉1 small onion roasted under direct flame


👉Wash the eggplant cut into length wise, season it with salt and keep it aside.

peel the potatoes and cut it into length wise apply some salt and keep it aside.

wash and peel the prawns devein it apply salt keep it aside. if you don't want the prawns heads then cut it off, I have kept it ,as like it.

👉Keep all the ingredients ready to go into the blender, blend the above ingredients which says grind to paste when done into paste, remove it from the blender and keep it aside.

👉Heat up a pot on a medium heat add in oil, finely chopped onions when translucent add in chopped tomatoes saute it for 2 mins add in add in the ground paste saute it on low flame for some time now add in seasoned prawns mix it with the paste now add in a cup of water add some salt to taste cover it let it simmer for 5mins.

👉At this stage add in the potatoes mix in together cover it and cook it for 3 mins last add in the brinjals combined everything together and let it simmer till the aubergine are done.

enjoy this delicious curry with steamed rice bread or chapatis, it is very tasty

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