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Goan Chicken cafreal

Chicken Cafreal is a traditional Goan dish and is cooked in green marinade made with fresh herbs and spices it is cooked in a pan until well done. It is pretty popular among the local restaurants and homes and is perfect with pav or a crusty loaf.


1 kg chicken (cut into medium or large pieces with slits )

Apply salt and squeeze in 1 lime set aside.


👉10 peppercorns

👉1 tsp cumin seeds

👉2 cardamom

👉7 Cloves

👉1 “Cinnamon

👉1/2 tsp Coriander seeds

👉Roast the above ingredients in a pan when cool grind it with ,1 “Ginger,6 cloves of Garlic ,1 bunch coriander leaves, 5 mint leaves ,1 tsp turmeric ,2 green chillies,2 tbsp vinegar(can use 2 tbsp tamarind pulp if you don't like vinegar)1 tbsp Spiced rum ( optional)

👉Apply the ground paste to the chicken set it for few hours or overnight for marination.

👉Now take a Frying pan pour in 1 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp butter when hot put in the marinated chicken and keep the flame high for 5 minutes.

👉Let the chicken cook on high flame coating both the sides.

👉Now slow down the flame to medium and Cook it for 15 to 20min, stir it in between flipping both the sides add in a splash of water so that chicken doesn't dry and the masala gets nicely coated with a nice Aroma and a nice colour.

👉Enjoy it as it is or have it as side dish or with a bowl of soup or a refreshing salad.

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