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Goan Green Chutney sandwiches

Coconut and coriander leaves chutney is sweet and tangy very easy to make cheap,satisfying and delicious.This is my mom version of making coconut chutney as she makes the best.we used to make this sandwiches for picnics,parties,litany’s or any small get together.The main flavor of this chutney comes from the roasted onion in it. so do try this simple recipe.


👉1/2 cup coconut (fresh or desicated)

👉1/2 bundle fresh coriander leaves(strands removed)

👉4 mint leaves( optional)

👉2 Green chillies

👉1 small onion (roasted or on direct flame )

👉2 cloves of garlic

👉1 small tamrind ball

👉1 tsp sugar


👉Salt to taste


👉keep all the above ingredients ready at hand including the slice bread.

👉Peal the onion and cut into halves roast it or take a fork and prick the onion with the fork and put it on direct flame let it roast for 2mins.

👉Take a blender and grind fresh coriander leave,coconut,mint leaves,green chillies,1 roasted onion,garlic,tamrind,sugar and salt grind it with little water to a fine paste.

👉The consistency of the chutney should be easily spreadable on the slice of the bread.

It should not be runny consistency.

👉Once done take two slice bread cut the edges and on one slice spread butter and other side spread the chutney close the slices together and cut it diagonal into triangle shape.

👉Serve with hot cup of tea

👉Store the chutney in a airtight jar for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator

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