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Goan prawns curry

Goan cuisine consists of regional foods popular in Goa,an Indian state located along India's west coast on the shore of the Arabian Sea.

Rice,seafood,coconut,vegetables,meat,are some of the main ingredients in goan cuisine.Goan food is incomplete without fish.

In this recipe the base of the curry is the creamy coconut ground with some spices and then the succulent prawns are added to it which makes the coconut gravy delicious.


👉10 to 12 fresh prawns

👉1 chopped onion

👉1 chopped tomato

👉3 green chillies

👉3 to 4 kokum

👉2 tbsp oil

👉salt to taste

Grind to paste

👉3/4 cup grated/desicated coconut

👉6 Kashmiri red chilles

👉3 garlic cloves

👉1 tbsp coriander seeds

👉7 to 8 black pepper corns

👉1/4 tsp turmeric powder

👉1/2 tsp cumin seeds

👉1 small ball of tamarind


👉keep all the ingredients ready as told above, Peel and devein the prawns (the process to devein the prawns is shown below) after cleaning add some salt to it and keep it aside(I have kept the heads of the prawns as I like it ,you may take it off if you don't like)

👉In a blender grind to paste with little water as mentioned above the ingredients under grind to paste. when done ,keep it aside.

👉Take a pot under medium heat add in oil, when hot add in onions saute for a while then add in the seasoned prawns fry it gently for 2 mins.

👉Now add in the ground paste ,chopped tomato fry it for 3 mins, add a cup of water to it and some salt to taste,cover the pot with the lid and let it cook for 5 mins. then add in the kokum and slited green chillies( you'll come to know the curry is done as it will give a nice aroma while steaming,if the curry is thick then add some water to it)

you can eat the curry with bread or chapatis but I prefer it with my rice.

So enjoy the goan prawn curry with some steamed rice.

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