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Mango Barfi

Mango Barfi is an Indian milk fudge flavoured with mango.This recipe is made with canned mango pulp,sugar and milk powder and in just few minutes its worth the effort. You will find this fudge in many Indian sweet shops but homemade is the best as you can adjust the sweetness as per your taste. Do try this melt in your mouth mango flavoured Indian fudge at home which is prepared with minimal ingredients.


👉1 cup mango pulp

👉2 cups milk powder

👉1/4 cup sugar

👉1tbsp ghee

For garnishing:

👉Silver leaf(edible)/vark

👉Finely chopped Almonds


👉Heat up a pot on a low heat add in the mango pulp give it a stir now add in the sugar stir it continuously for 2 mins now add in milk powder.

👉Keep strirring continuously on low flame let it get combined till the mixture starts thickening.

👉When it starts thickening and leaving its sides add in ghee to the mixture,thats when the barfi is done.

👉Grease a tray with little ghee and transfer the mixture to the tray ,spread it evenly with the spoon.

👉Put the silver leaf on it and sprinkle some chopped almonds on it. when cool cut it into desired shapes.The whole process should take around 15 to 20 mins. do try this simple and easy recipe.

👉 As the mango pulp is already sweet I have added less sugar but if your doing of fresh mangoes then you need to add extra sugar, just cut the mango and scoop out the pulp and blend it smooth and then add it.

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