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Squids Ambot tik

Love for seafood

Squids ambot tik( spicy and tangy curry)

As the name says ambot which means sour and Tik means spicy in konkani(goan language )

This dish is a Goan delicacy and is spicy and tangy which will tickle your tastebuds, I mostly like to eat it with pokso(crusty bread).


500gms squids(cleaned,washed ,cut into cubes or rings seasoned with salt )

3 tbsps oil

2 tbsp vinegar

5 to 6 sola( kokum)

2 medium onion

1 large tomato

1 tsp butter

1 tsp tomato ketchup

1/2 tsp sugar

Salt to taste

Grind to paste:

8 dry Kashmiri chillies


5 to 6 cloves of Garlic

10 peppercorns

6 Cloves

1/2 Cinnamon

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 tsp turmeric

Marble size tamrind

Water to grind


Wash and clean the squids especially the pockets cut it into rings or squares if you wish cut the tentacles or keep it as it is ,like how I kept ,wash it and add some salt to it and keep it aside.

In a pot heat up oil add in finely chopped onions fry till translucent, add in finely chopped tomatoes, When slightly mushy add in the ground paste and saute for 5 mins, on medium heat add in 1 cup of water, add salt to taste let it simmer for 3mins.

Now add in the seasoned squids mix it well altogether and cover the pot with the lid and let it cook for 6 to 7 mins now add in sugar,vinegar and kokum. mix it well ..simmer for 2 mins

last add in tomato ketchup and butter.your ambot tik is ready to eat

serve hot with steamed rice or bread.

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