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Sweet potato kheer

Kheer is an authentic Indian desert prepared during special occasions in almost every Indian households. In this recipe, I have used sweet potatoes to make the kheer which combines well with milk, I kept this recipe simple with no cream or milkmaid added. Do follow the easy to make recipe and enjoy the goodness with your loved ones.


👉2 sweet potatoes(washed, peeled and cut into rings)

👉2 tbsp semolina/rava

👉1 tbsp ghee

👉2 tbsp sugar

👉2 cups of milk

👉1/2 tsp cardamom powder

👉Water to boil the sweet potatoes


👉Peel and wash the sweet potatoes under running water, slice them into rings/circles,keep it aside.

👉Take a pot add in some water Boil the sliced sweet potatoes with some water for 5mins ...strain the water and keep it aside.

👉Take a separate pot and dry light roast the semolina on low heat for 3 mins ,add 1 tbsp ghee...mix it together and roast it for a while ,then add to it milk and bring it to boil ,add sugar to it and give it good stir.

👉Now add the boiled sweet potatoes,cardamom powder and steam it for 5mins.

Turn off the heat and your delicious sweet potato kheer is ready to serve.

👉Eat it hot or cold I personally like it cold do try this delicious kheer recipe.

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