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Prawns fried rice

Prawns fried rice,an easy recipe for sea food lovers,just amazing flavours in every delicious bite.


👉2 cups basmati rice( soaked for 15mins)

👉1 tbsp finely chopped garlic

👉3 finely chopped green chillies

👉2 whisked egg

👉1 bunch of spring onion(3 spring onions)

👉1 cup diced mix vegetables

👉25 jumbo prawns

👉1 tbsp chilli garlic sauce

👉1/2 tsp black pepper powder

👉2 tbsp soy sauce

👉1 tbsp vinegar

👉3 tbsp oil

👉1 tbsp salt to taste


👉Wash,peel and clean the prawns,season with salt and keep it aside.

👉In a pot on a medium heat add in 10 cups of water,when it starts boiling add in 1/2 tsp salt,1/2 tsp oil and the soaked and washed rice,cook the rice 75 percent when done strain it in a strainer, remove it and place the rice in a tray,keep it aside.let the rice be firm.

👉For vegetables I used a store bought packet of mixed vegetables,you can use any mix vegetable you have at home,I have used carrots,peas,corn and French beans which were already diced.

👉Chop the spring onions like first chop the onion and keep it aside and than the spring and leave it aside.

👉Take a wok heat it up,on high heat,add in oil,garlic and green chillies let it splatter.

👉Now on a high flame add in seasoned prawns fry it for 3 mins, once the prawns changes it colour you'll soon come to know, than add the chopped onions and fry on the high heat than add the mix vegetables and the chopped springs and add some salt and mix this altogether.

👉Now in the wok put the vegetables at the side and add the whisked egg and scramble it with the spatula into tiny bits,mix it all up with the prawns and the vegetables. you can ommit the egg if you don't like.

👉Now add the cooked rice to it and mix it all up well.

👉Now take a small bowl in that add the soy sauce vinegar,chilli garlic sauce,tomato ketchup mix this all up.

👉Now add this mixture to the fried rice and add in the black pepper powder and mix it up. keep flame high and the delicious fried rice is done.

👉Check for the salt if you want add a liitle or add any seasoning liquid if you have.

👉Serve it nice and warm.I have used basmati rice as I like it ,you can use any rice like jasmine, sushi rice or medium grain rice.

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