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Goan Prawns cutlets

There are lots of memories to this dish as I am preparing it I am remembering my late grandmother and my late father a lot coz my grandma whom we used to call MAI used to prepare these cutlets for my father as they were his favourite and we used to wait for our bite,well I just sat and watched her cooking it for us,so just tried to recall the recipe. Do try this delicious prawn cutlets recipe and I am sure if you eat one you'll have a desire for more.


👉100 gms prawns( peeled,deveined,heads


👉1 medium boiled potatoes,mashed

👉1/2 cup Semolina to coat the cutlets

👉1 egg yolk

👉Oil for shallow frying

Boil together

👉1 large chopped onion

👉1 medium chopped tomato

👉5 cloves of garlic

👉2 cloves

👉1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

👉3 peppercorns

👉1/2 “Ginger chopped

👉1 chopped green chilly

👉1/2 tsp turmeric powder

👉1/2 tsp vinegar

👉salt to taste

👉Little water

👉Cook the prawns with the above mentioned ingredients showed as boil,add a little water and cook it on medium flame until the water has absorbed the prawns mixture.

👉let it cool down then put it in the blender and grind together the mixture to a fine paste,do not add water,When done set it aside.

👉Take a bowl and add mashed potatoes,add the above ground prawn mixtur,To that add one egg yolk,salt to taste and Mix in altogether until well combined

👉Apply oil to your palm,scoop some mixture and make small balls to form a cutlet

👉Coat the cutlets with semolina and then do for the rest.

👉Heat up a frying pan add in 2 tbsp oil,Shallow fry the prawn cutlets on medium fire turning both the sides

👉Serve hot as a starter or a side dish.

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